AMEA-NW | organised Peace Walks for Solidarity

Peace Vigil / Solidarity in Manchester

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Dear sir

I have just been watching the news on tv and have seen your supporters and their banners behind the reporter during the report.  I would just like to say person to person, no bias or prejudice no and religious barriers between us, we are all on this planet together. No matter what our beliefs and no matter what our religion, children and young people do not deserve that hatred and horrible treatment.  What has happened is appalling and absolutely gut wrenching. I applaud your organisation and will be supporting you from now on.  Let us all work together and help to educate people to love each other to end this awful situation.

Much love

North West Region

On 29th March 2017  40 Ansar from North West Region  participants  in solidarity event.
Salford bridge commemoration pays tribute to Westminster attack victims