AMEA-Baitul Futuh | organised Peace Walks for Solidarity

Solidarity Event

Sutton & Carshalton arranged an event of Solidarity for the victims of Terrorists’ attacks at Baitul Ehsan on15th June. British non-Ahmadi guests along with MP Paul Scully, Cllr Richard Clifton ex-Mayor of Sutton, also joined. Also organised in the morning time at Sutton high street.

Feedback through

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Name: Jane Elena

I’m not a Muslim. I m a white English/ Italian woman.

I just wanted to say that I saw the banner on the TV at Albert Square today following the bomb attack in Manchester. Thank you It’s important people realise that being Muslim doesn’t equate to being a terrorist.

We are all human beings. Humanity is the priority. Thank you for publicising your attempts to bring peace.